About Me

My name is Charlie King. I am an author from Croydon, England. My first books, The Lyons Orphanage followed by The Lyons Legacy are self-published while my upcoming book, Lizzie's Dream Journal, will be produced by CAAB Publishing. There has been positive feedback on both books which is a great vindication for myself in regards to writing.


I like to use this site for my own personal blog where I discuss topics like sport, film and TV and society as well as write satirical articles to bring a lighter side to my writing.

I have had an interest in English and writing ever since I was young and it has stuck with me throughout my education. I have a BA Hons in Journalism with English Language from the University of Portsmouth.  When I finished university, I found that Journalism was no longer for me but I still loved to write so instead I tried to find a non-Journalism related writing job. When that didn’t happen, I went through a stressful job in retail before working where I am now in an administrative role in a law firm.

Being content with my job, I found myself motivated to write a book. It had crossed my mind many times over the years; I even tried to write a book a long time ago around the age of ten/eleven but it was terrible and lucky not seen by any eyes other than my own.  The thought of that book put me off from thinking I could write a decent book. However, now I am happy to say that I’m pleased with my work so far and feel it is getting better as it goes along. I was surprised of how the ideas flowed into my mind as I was writing it and it was the same for planning the plot of the sequel.


I will continue to write even if only a few people read it. Writing is and always has been my passion.