• Charlie King

1984 Book vs Real life

Just going to go through as much as I remember about 1984 to compare it with claims people make all the time now that everything is Orwellian.

  1. The Book: Anything negative you hear is a lie. Real life: Everything bad you are being told about Trump is a lie, according to Trump. Media must only be believed if they are Pro-Trump.

  2. The Book: If you speak a word out of turn about the government, you are immediately censored and the government will track you down and rehabilitate you. Real life: As long as your words and actions are non-threatening, you can criticise the government as much as you want and protest.

  3. The Book: There are no articles or documents that speak negatively of the Party. Real life: There are plenty of publications/newspapers/blogs which speak negatively of the government and they continue on freely and can be read by anyone to form their own opinion as long as words do not encourage violence or offend a group of people.

  4. Real life: "Wearing masks is Orwellian because the government tells us to do it and we obey like sheep"- People actually obey lots of things the government tells them to do or agree with decisions made but when they disagree, they challenge/go on strike without consequence. The Book: The government brainwashes you to agree with them that 2+2= 5

  5. The Book: You must agree with everything the Party says or does or you hear about. Real life: "People who believe what the government says about the pandemic support the government on every other issue like in 1984"- They don't. People criticise everything about the government from the chumocracy to handling of free schools meals to the NHS but happen to agree on lockdowns and restrictions.

  6. The Book: Freedom of Speech and Press is not allowed and citizens are convinced it is an evil concept. Real Life: Freedom of Speech and Press are allowed as long as it doesn't offend or incite violence and people can choose to believe what they read or hear or not

  7. The Book: Telescreens monitor you at all times to listen in to what you say and take out conspiracies. Real life: Phones/computers/security cameras may mean people can be tracked but unless you are seriously discussing violent uprising against government and government figures, the government don't care what you say about them and will leave you alone.

AS A BONUS not regarding 1984, "Wearing masks and being under lockdown restrictions is like living in Nazi Germany" NO, No it isn't.

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