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Parliament passes new “just banter” legal defence.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

After weeks of ferocious debates, it has been announced that Parliament has passed a bill which states ‘just banter’ is now a fully-binding legal argument.

David Cameron pushed for weeks and weeks for this change as he felt that constantly using the word ‘banter’ would show himself to be a man of the people as he recalled the banter between him and George Osborne which led to Osborne’s aga being damaged.

The news was welcomed by top judges in the UK. Justice Jack Laddie stated that it would be very helpful for the legal system as so many cases could be sorted instantly.

“With the introduction of the ‘just banter’ defence, court proceedings will become a lot simpler and will therefore cost the taxpayers less money” Justice Laddie explained.

The news is a welcome relief for those who are accused of sexist, homophobic and racist language. Barry English, a local Croydon resident, was overjoyed by the news.

“In the past, I kept being taken to civil court because some of my language was deemed offensive; I tried to explain to them it was just banter but they wouldn’t accept it.” said Barry.

Barry now has the freedom to say whatever he wants and nobody can legally argue with him because it is simply ‘just banter.’

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