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Jeremy Hunt, not apples, key to keeping doctors away.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Scientists have discovered that the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been the driving force behind keeping the doctors away.

It turns out that an age-old saying about apples has been misinterpreted all these years in a number of ways.

It was though an apple a day kept the doctor away from you. However, it turns out that Hunt is the key to keeping the doctors away from hospitals rather than keeping them away from the public.

He has done this by driving junior doctors to protests and strikes by imposing contracts they didn’t want. It seems this was a master plan by Jeremy Hunt.

“Nobody likes going to see the doctor,” Hunt said. “So I devised a plan to drive people away from the medical profession by giving them ridiculous contracts.”

Hunt continued. “The Tories are men of the people, as we keep insisting, and we know that people don’t like going to see the doctor so what if I took the doctors away, people would have to thank me.”

Hunt still advises the public to eat apples but recommends people always think of the Tories when they no longer have to see a doctor for free.

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