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Doctor Who forced to keep working due to increased retirement age.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The producers of BBC sci-fi show Doctor Who have revealed some more details about the Doctor and why he is still working to save the world.

It turns out that the Doctor is from the future where the retirement age has been raised to 1000 years old, which was the next logical step for the government once they raised it to over 70.

The Doctor is over 900 years old in the show and he had believed for a long time that this would be his age of retirement until the government upped it again.

“The Doctor wanted nothing more than to retire from saving the world only to find out he had to keep it up for another 100 years,” one of the producers said.

“At the start of the reboot in 2005, we made the Doctors too cheerful so we cast Peter Capaldi to reflect the grumpy old man who was fed up of work and wanted to retire and in turn meant he saved less people from death.”

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