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Gap year student declares himself ‘found’ having been reported missing.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

A gap year student has been discovered to be alive and well after he found himself a year after he was reported missing.

Riley Pretentious, 19, set off on his gap year having finished school and choosing to join Portsmouth University the following year.

As soon as he arrived at his first destination in Singapore, he was reported missing by an anonymous source although it was clear that judging by his number of Facebook photos, he was never in any danger.

Despite being lost, he managed to make the most of his gap year, traveling across many countries and taking part in some of their cultural rituals.

And in a twist to the tale, the person who reported Riley missing was himself just before he set off on his backpacking experience across Asia.

“Well, I felt lost when I went out there so I had to report myself missing so people could understand how I felt,” said Riley. “After the year had gone by, I was sure that I had found myself so I called Interpol to let them know.”

An Interpol spokesman has stated that they are pleased that Riley had found himself and have called on other missing people to find themselves in order to decrease the workload for their own company.

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