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Offended man raises awareness of offensive thing to get more people offended.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

A man who was offended by something he saw on the internet has decided to make the offensive material go viral so that more people can be offended.

Dave Martyr, 21, saw something offensive on a website which has a maximum of two views a day and decided to let the public know.

He presented the offensive materials to everybody who could possibly find it offensive and within minutes, the creator of the website was receiving death threats.

“The content emotionally affected me,” Dave said. “Sure, it could have just been me who got hurt emotionally since the website has low views but I wanted other people to feel down today as well so I showed it to them, it’s all about having solidarity in our anger because otherwise they would never have seen it.”

The website has since removed the content but its readership has now gone right up thanks to Dave giving them publicity while Dave and his offended friends just sit in their rooms, still being sad.

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