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New lunchbox from Jamie Oliver scolds you for putting unhealthy food in it.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Jamie Oliver has put his name to a new lunchbox with its speaker system so that he can personally scold you for your meal choices during the day.

The range, exclusive to Waitrose, will take up a lot of the chef’s time but he believes it is worth it having run out of ways to stick his nose into the business of school lunches.

The lunchbox will be particularly critical of parents making their kids lunches but there will still be some judgement for adults making their own lunches. In some cases, social services may even be automatically called.

Choosing high fat, high cholesterol, high calorie foods to choosing white bread over brown bread are just a few of the items that will cause the chef to scold you and make you think twice about your choices.

There has been a fault speculated online that putting too much unhealthy food in at one time leads to a high-pitched cry from the speakers as the state of the nation’s health is lamented.

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