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Daily Mail readers fume as female Doctor tries to teach other people’s history and culture

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Daily Mail readers, watching Doctor Who for the sole purpose of angering themselves, have hit out at the show for using episodes to teach the viewers about other people’s history and culture.

The show had already disenfranchised Daily Mail readers by introducing a female Doctor Who and this latest development is set to rock them further.

In particular, an episode where The Doctor travels back to 1947 about the Partition of India which has a historical influence for Indians and Pakistanis as well as Hindus and Muslims.

Several viewers commented how they watched Doctor Who and paid their licence fee to be entertained, not to be taught things. They also accused the BBC of being anti-British and lacking in patriotism as England’s role in the partition wasn’t spoken about in kind terms.

One reader, who did not want to be named, described his feelings:

“As if it wasn’t bad enough that the PC brigade had to turn the respectable, masculine Doctor into a woman, now they’re trying to shove the ideals of others on us and our kids. Before we know it, my son and countless others might decide to become a Muslim woman in 1947 if we subject them to any more of this. The show was better when you had a foreign invader coming over here and being stopped.”

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