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Construction worker who tells Gary Lineker to ‘stick to football’ not too keen on sticking to constr

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

A construction worker has been caught out on Twitter after posting his own political commentary despite not being involved in politics at all.

Dave Bobbins responded to a political comment by Gary Lineker regarding the state of Brexit by telling him to stay out of politics and only talk about football.

It has since been revealed that Dave has not once tweeted about his construction work but has tweeted five times a day for the past two years about Brexit. Dave defended his actions:

“I am allowed to make political commentary. I am a fountain of knowledge in that department. I work every weekday and earn less money than Gary Lineker therefore my opinions are more important and more relevant. Footballers like Gary Lineker aren’t real people; they don’t get to have an opinion on things other than their profession because that’s all I can ever see them as.”

Gary Lineker hasn’t responded directly to Dave but he has shown defiance by continuing to have opinions on human issues not related to football.

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