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Tensions rise as man tells waiter Pepsi is ‘not okay’

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

There was a tense and uncomfortable moment in a small Italian restaurant as a customer lost his cool when asked if Pepsi was okay as a substitute for Coca Cola.

The man was believed to have told the waiter that it was ‘not okay’ and began demanding Coca Cola no matter what and said that this situation highlighted ‘all that was wrong in society.’

The man’s family attempted to calm him down and the restaurant even offered the man a free drink but he refused and left without food or drink after shouting continuously at the waiter.

‘In all my years, this has never actually happened to me. We know many people prefer Coca Cola but they readily accept Pepsi in its place. But now, I feel there will be a rise in Coca Cola inspired extremism and fear for my safety,’ said the waiter.

Coca Cola have not claimed responsibility for this attack.

Police were called to the scene to calm the man down but the man tried to have the police arrest the staff. The police admitted they only attended the scene because it was described to them as a ‘Coke problem.’

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