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Conspiracy theorist perfects argument with “wake up sheeple” conclusion.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

A conspiracy theorist has set out his points in video about all the government cover-ups and believes he will bring people to his side by ending the argument with “wake up sheeple.”

The grainy video, shot in a basement, shows Gary Noid explaining how all the different conspiracies link back to the US government.

He explains that the government uses vaccines and chemtrails to control our minds into believing the earth is a globe while the media is controlled by the Jews so they can promote homosexuality to wipe out humanity to make money for themselves. He didn’t go on to explain how that works. Before he continues, his mum can be seen coming downstairs with pop tarts before the video jumps forward.

“Worst of all, the government of lizard people are run by the Illuminati to carry out terror attacks on its own civilians, wake up sheeple,” the video concludes.

In a rare interview with Gary, he explained the impact his video was having.

“I was the first person to come up with the word ‘sheeple.’ It’s because everybody follows and believes what they read in the media or in books or what so-called experts tell them. I’m different; I believe everything I read on the internet. These people have been brainwashed so they need to wake up out of their government-controlled state. I’m hoping that message at the end really hits home with a lot of people.

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