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‘Before Brexit, politicians never lied and acted in their own interest,’ say simpletons.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Leave-supporting members of the public have condemned the actions of politicians over their use of the Brexit issue for political point-scoring and trying to improve the situation for themselves and their political party.

Leave group, The British Bulldogs, say they want to see a return to honest politics from just a few years back when MPs were always truthful and had no agenda whatsoever.

“Now more than ever, we need politicians to be fully truthful, to act for the public to deliver the Brexit we voted for. It is unfortunate timing that politicians have just started to become selfish liars as this Brexit process is going on. There was complete truth during the Leave campaign before the referendum so why can't continue that now? The government always heard our voices on issues beforehand and acted on them, gave every person, every service in the UK exactly what they asked for so why can’t they do it now?” said a spokesman for the British Bulldogs.”

He went on to add that Brexit had turned politicians into monsters while Leave groups have been a beacon of kindness and understanding to all.

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