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MPs baffled that they can’t blame Brexit delay on EU Bureaucracy.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

MPs are in a state of panic as the delay to Brexit can’t be blamed on the EU.

The frequent votes and amendments which make it hard for everyone in Parliament to agree on are threatening to expose the fact that the reason things don’t get achieved in Parliament is because of the MPs themselves.

“It used to be easy, we could blame the EU for everything. If a popular bill was vetoed or somebody stop something going through by filibustering, we could blame it on the unelected European elite and add fuel to the fire by claiming it’s because they want to make Europe a super state,” said one MP who wished to remain anonymous.

“We used to be able to get away with it by saying that the EU stopped bendy bananas and blue passports and that made people believe that everything bad about the UK was the fault of the EU. If they were evil enough to stop blue passports, they were evil enough to pass rules to affect British standard of living.”

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