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‘Alcohol’s Day’ created to help celebrate its role in bringing children into the world.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The government has announced the beginning of a new day of celebration dedicated to alcohol’s role in leading to childbirth.

While mothers and fathers have their own day which is a celebration of the fact they have kids, many became parents as a result of alcohol and its consequences.

It is not clear when this inaugural celebration will take place or if the day will involve anything in particular but a spokesman for the government was clear that it would happen and explained why the government have made this decision.

“There have been plenty of occasions where alcohol has led to childbirth. Whether it is directly by two people getting drunk ending in conceiving or people getting drunk and gaining the courage to ask someone out or to talk to someone in a public place to start a relationship in the first place. It is important for all the bad press alcohol gets to remember how much life it has brought into the world whether it was a mistake or not.”

Critics of the idea say it is just another way to give people an excuse to drink but the government denies that, saying that people drink when they please anyway.


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