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Theresa May successfully holds out for Halloween sweets as part of Brexit deal.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Theresa May claimed a victory for the government against the EU as they finally budged and gave her concessions to help sweeten her Brexit deal.

The Brexit date was pushed back to October 31st to allow Theresa May to secure chocolates and other sweets from the EU before leaving.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister welcomed the news.

“We feel this is the final piece of the puzzle. The Irish backstop was never a problem. The real sticking point is that we needed something tangible to show the British public that we won’t just leave the EU with nothing to show for it, now we have sweets. At least we won’t run out of those when we leave.”

EU leaders have already had to deny the rumours that they will pretend not to be in when Theresa May comes calling for her treats.

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