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Annoying absolutely everyone sure to get people on side, say Extinction Rebellion

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Extinction Rebellion have defended their disruptive actions over the past few days in London saying that getting on people's nerves and ruining their day would bring more people to the cause.

Many cars have been stuck in traffic and many using London Underground have had their travel plans interrupted by the group's actions.

A spokesman for the group is confident their style will gain them support and followers.

"It's natural for people to be annoyed with us for what we are doing but they will soon come to realise that it is the government who are actually delaying them just like they are delaying efforts to save the planet. When people see protesters disrupting their life, they instantly have sympathy for our cause because they respect how far we a re taking this. The government always cares about its people so they will have to act to change their ways and stop us protesting further."

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