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Avengers Endgame (spoiler-free) review

Updated: Jul 7

It’s very hard to praise Avengers Endgame while giving nothing away but I will attempt to do that. It isn’t a secret that Marvel have confirmed this is the final chapter of the ‘Infinity’ storyline after eleven years which started with the first Iron Man movie which started off the Marvel revolution which I discussed previously.

The character growth of Iron Man throughout the years has been one of the main highlights; he commands respect from other characters in the movies but also has become one of the main figureheads of the Marvel universe whereas before the first movie, not many people outside of comic book fans would have heard of him. A sense of life imitating art with Iron Man being played by Robert Downey Jr who's reputation has recovered and grown and grown since then.

The movie is three hours long but for me, it just flew by; the only time you might think it is that long is if you get caught needing to go to the toilet in that time. For a superhero movie lasting three hours long, there isn’t as much action as you might expect but such has been the relationship between the characters and movie-goers that we are invested in the human drama of it all.

Having said all that, despite the seriousness of it all, this is a Marvel film so there’s plenty of humour still. The best part about recent Marvel movies has been the mixing of characters together that we hadn’t seen before with entertaining new dynamics created between characters. Chris Hemsworth said he grew tired of playing Thor before Thor: Ragnarok where perhaps his character was one-dimensional. The last few films he has featured in has shown that not to be the case. I said before in a review of Marvel leading up to Endgame that Ant-Man was the kind of hero you could only do a solo movie for if you were as successful as Marvel and Marvel seem to know it. Ant-Man is the butt of the jokes and is often the most self-deprecating one of them all.

It might be hard to recall everything that happened in all the previous movies and it might be hard to follow absolutely everything that is happening in this movie like trying to comprehend the science so it is easier to sit back and enjoy without thinking too much about it. The main solo storylines of a few characters are brought back into focus and these should be the things you remember. The movie benefits from the wipe-out of heroes from the previous film so that not every superhero who has ever appeared has to be wedged into the film and given at least five minutes to themselves.

If you liked most of Marvel’s films and you understand the basics of the story that has been told over the years, you’ll like the movie. All the laughs, all the drama, all the emotion of the previous films is encapsulated perfectly in this film but to say anymore without spoilers is near impossible so just go and see it.

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