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Lack of royal baby pictures leaves new parents unsure what baby blanket to buy

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

People who have become parents over the last couple of days have been panicking about what blanket they should be wrapping their baby in having had no direction from Prince Harry and Meghan.

This poses a risk to new-born babies but more importantly it poses a reputation risk for the parents when they take photos with their baby.

“It’s tough. Women expecting to give birth around the same date as Meghan have believed that they would know exactly what blanket to get once they saw which one Meghan and Harry used. That would guide them to the correct choice, most likely a needlessly expensive blanket if they saw it on TV,” a midwife explained.

“I need to know what to wear myself and I get that information from photos of the royal family but how am I supposed to know what to use for my baby, I want them to get the full royal experience too,” said a pregnant woman. She is expected to give birth any day now so it is touch-and-go as to whether royal baby photos will be released in time to make her life a lot easier.

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