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Milkshake attacks wouldn’t have happened if politicians carried their own milkshakes, says Trump

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

U.S President Donald Trump has spoken out about the recent spate of incidents where politicians have had milkshake thrown over them in the street.

His friend Nigel Farage has become one of the victims of this kind of attack which fully alerted Trump to what was going on in Great Britain.

The President has offered his much-needed advice to other countries on how things should be done and it is no exception for the UK.

“For our friends in Great Britain, it is a shame that so many politicians have been assaulted with milkshakes. You may ask yourself, what can they do to protect themselves? After all, those crazy Brits aren’t allowed to carry guns, not even a politician’s security staff. The British government has to be brave and arm politicians with their own milkshakes. If a protester sees a politician with a milkshake, they’ll think twice about throwing it, believe me.”

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