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Mainstream TV debates force clear and honest answers from politicians, say simpletons

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Many people in the UK have become excited at the prospect of live TV debates on Channel 4 and the BBC between the candidates for next Tory leader and Prime Minister.

They feel this is a chance to really get to know the human beings involved in the race and learn their own views, not just saying what they want to make the party sound good or score points with the public.

Despite other live TV debates in the past being more of the same question avoiding from politicians, pro and anti Brexit simpletons have come together to believe this time, they will get the answers they seek.

BBC spokesman Gulliver Ball said he spoke for all viewers to express excitement at the upcoming TV debate.

"Politicians aren't always clear and honest when they are in parliament or even on Question Time but a live TV debate puts all that out of the window because it is a completely different format.

Sure, it's usually the same presenters who might be asking the questions to the same people, about the same things and in the same manner of speaking but I'm sure the TV debates will produce a different outcome."

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