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Leaked Brexit Party Manifesto just "Brexit. Will of the People. Betrayal." repeated 700,00

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The Brexit Party's Manifesto has been leaked before it could be officially revealed, with "Brexit. Will of the People. Betrayal." repeated 700,000 times.

This is expected to be the longest manifesto released out of all the parties who would usually cover finance, education and NHS in their manifestos as well.

A spokesman for the Brexit Party admitted the leaked manifesto was the finished version so went on to explain the proposals:

"We don't need actual policies. We just know that everything that might be bad in a voter's life is solely down to the EU. Voters know that when they vote for us and the Tories that we will finally leave the EU and everybody's worries about their livelihood, the NHS and other things will be sorted by leaving the EU, we won't have to do anything more.

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