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Bold, new direction as God announces plans to reboot 'Earth', the TV show

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

God has decreed that after thousands of years of watching humans live on Earth, a reboot of the planet may be in the works to be make a fresh start.

This is God's first communication in a long time and took it upon himself to do it as Jesus always ended up getting stuck in a bit of a toast if he tried to make contact with humans.

The words of God were written on tablets recently discovered by the Vatican and read as follows:

"Earth has had a good run as a television show but on reflection, it has grown too stale for my liking.

"The storylines repeat themselves over and over again, there is no character development. The unlikable egotistical characters are overexposed and never either learn their lesson or just go off our screens entirely meaning no loose ends are ever tied up."

"I had high hopes when I started this project but overall it has been disappointing to see its decline, a reboot may be the best option to start again and only pick the best bits from the previous show to use again."

It is not clear whether this reboot will be a soft reboot where changes to the show's make-up occur over time or if it will be a hard reboot where a devastation event such as a meteorite hitting would wipe out all characters just like at the end of 1970s and 1980s British sitcoms.

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