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'Context' to be removed from dictionary after falling out of use.

Dictionary writers worldwide have agreed to remove the word 'context' from future editions after falling out of use in language as nobody knows how to apply it anymore.

Words are usually removed when they fall out of use over a long period of time but context has had a rapid decline in just a few years.

"We feel that the public have moved on from applying context to statements, tv shows and films to the point where any sentence or action can be taken on its own and judged completely.

Without context, things can seem more offensive than they are but in other cases a lack of context allows people to think they aren't being offensive when really they are.

For example, people who say White Lives Matter in counter-protest to Black Lives Matter try to make it seem they are saying it for the same reasons and with the same intent when really they are not. The two statements without context seem to be the same, swapping one race with another."

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