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Djokovic stunned to learn writing ‘good at tennis’ not a suitable vaccine exemption

Novak Djokovic was angered to learn that being good at tennis couldn’t get him into a country with strict restrictions on who and what can come in at the best of times.

The No.1 ranking did nothing to get him through customs on a vaccine exemption as the border patrol insisted it wasn’t relevant.

Djokovic fumed at rules he knew about for weeks which completely blindsided.

“They said I need a vaccine or an exemption. I thought just being me was the exemption. All this for a vaccine. We haven’t seen proof of what happens to a player’s good tennis genes when they get the vaccine. Good tennis genes are a real thing, look it up. There's not enough studies about it because so few people have them.

Would you detain Roger Federer or Rafa Nadal here? No, of course. No matter what I do, no matter how much I win, everyone thinks they’re better, including the Australian government. Next, you’re going to tell me I could get vaccinated but still not even be allowed to bring fruit into this country.”

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