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Every job title in UK to be preceded by the phrase 'so-called.'

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The government has announced plans for all job titles across all sectors of work to have 'so-called' placed in front of them.

Following the success of labelling experts as 'so-called', the government is looking for more people to challenge the normal conventions.

A spokesperson for the government welcomed the changes and claimed this will be beneficial to the public.

"This is important, it lets you know that although these people may be qualified enough to have their job title, there is a reasonable sense of doubt as to their knowledge and experience for you if you wish to form your own opinion instead.

Just because somebody may have studied a certain topic for years to get to their job, that doesn't automatically they know more than you about anything; this is a way for people to challenge what they hear especially if someone down the pub has offered a differing opinion."

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