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Man hires intrusive journalists after woman asks to be treated like a princess.

A man has hired intrusive journalists to follow his partner everywhere she goes after she told him she wanted to be 'treated like a princess.'

The man has provided the journalists with all the locations his partner travels to, to follow her around and report her movements to the national press as well as her emails and other communications.

The woman soon regretted her choice as every action she took was commented on; suddenly a simple task of buying and eating an avocado was blown up into an argument against her.

A royal commentator weighed in with their view below.

"She should really have been more careful about what she wished for. It is a dangerous precedent set by films which encourage girls to want to be treated like a princess when they grow up. These films always show the royal galas and nice dresses but they fail to have characters who follow the princess and question her character, actions, fashion sense, family life or she has put on weight.

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