• Charlie King

Mars Perseverance Rover discovers life on Mars was wiped out by Bill Gates

It has been reported that the Mars Rover Perseverance has made its first huge discovery, that there was life on the planet until Bill Gates wiped it out.

The news came shortly after the successful touchdown of the Mars rover onto the planet's surface.

While it hasn't been officially confirmed by NASA yet, the man, who broke the news on YouTube, claims to be a part of NASA's project.

"It would seem that Bill Gates is actually some kind of immortal deity travelling from planet to planet coming up with a way to wipe out the population. We are hoping the evidence points towards a mass vaccination funded by Gates as he is so clearly trying to do here on earth. I only trust billionaires who are explicitly evil as Bill Gates is too nice so is clearly hiding something. I'm pretty sure 5G socialism had something to do with it too."

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