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Money raised for Big Ben to bong for Brexit to be spent on banana bending machine instead

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The UK will celebrate leaving the European Union on Friday by investing in a banana bending machine with the money raised from the public.

The UK government took action after the fund to get Big Ben to bong on Friday 31st January fell short by a long way so are taking this action rather than handing the money back.

It is understood this would be a machine made especially for the occasion.

"This is an act of independence and how symbolic it is that one of the key points of contention around the EU can be used as way to celebrate making our own rules again."

"It would have been nice for Big Ben to bong to really shove it to Brussels but now we can do the same thing with this banana bending machine. We urge as many people as possible to send their straightened bananas in by Friday as the first step to making everything right with our country again," said a spokesperson for the Government.

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