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Rebels of the Galactic Empire branded "thugs" for tearing down Emperor Palpatine statue

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

There has been an outcry from some in the galaxy about the tearing down of the statue of the controversial figure Emperor Palpatine.

People have taken to complaining about the "thugs" who are tearing down the galaxy's history, saying that no-one will remember who he was as a result.

Palpatine was considered one of the most evil men of his time, bending all the planets of the galaxy to his will and destroying planets as and when he felt like it.

"Keeping the statue doesn't glorify him, it is simply a reminder about him. Let's say in about 30 years from now, when Han Solo, Luke and Leia have all moved on with their lives, how is anybody else going to know about the history of the Emperor's brutality to learn from it. Now there is no way that anyone in 30 years time will have heard of Palpatine, not even the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia."

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