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Santa's arrival set to become latest super-spreader event

Santa's presence and presents in Britain's households is set to become the next super-spreader event for Covid-19, experts warn.

According to guidelines, only two households are allowed to mix with each during lockdown; a rule which seemingly does not apply to Santa.

There are also calls for Santa to self-isolate every two weeks when he enters a new country. This would massively set back his ability to deliver all presents to everyone around the world in a short timeframe.

It is not all doom and gloom though according to one expert who says you can help Santa save Christmas by following a few simple steps.

"Instead of leaving milk and cookies out for Santa, leave some hand sanitiser out for him instead. That along with some anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down the wrapping paper with as we can't be sure his elves have been following hygiene standards."

In addition to this, Rudolph has been furloughed as his Red Nose may be a sign of flu-like symptoms associated with Covid-19.

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