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Schrödinger's 'taking the knee' simultaneously weak gesture and strong enough to create new Marxists

Taking the knee has confounded the public after new research suggests that it might be a weak gesture and still might be a strong one to create new Marxists.

The research would seem to show why taking the knee is such a divisive issue with two completely different statements found to both be true at the same time.

A member of the public, having just recovered from trashing London on Sunday, had his say.

"The research is 100% right. Taking the knee has no power at all, it doesn't mean anything except in the case of Marxism where it holds all the power. I know the footballers say otherwise but little kids watching football are not at risk of becoming Marxists and that's something we can't allow to happen.

"To me, creating a world with no Marxists is much more important than creating a world with no racism. Marxism is the ultimate evil in the world even though I don't know much about it as it isn't really applied practically anywhere but still."

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