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Star Trek branded 'unrealistic' for depicting future where all humans get along.

Fans of Star Trek have begun to ridicule the franchise after pointing out its most unrealistic prediction about the future; all humans getting along.

The Star Trek phenomenon has influenced viewers' lives as well as popular culture since the 1960s constantly making mention of peace on Earth as well as peace between Earth and a number of different planets.

The sci-fi series through its many incarnations has predicted many things correctly like voice activated commands but critics have pointed out this major misstep.

'We may still have over 200 years to go to catch up to the time Star Trek is set in but this prediction about the future already seems like a massive flop.

Humans have had thousands of years to get along, sort out their differences and respect each other's cultures and beliefs. Every time we think progress was being made on this front, something gets stirred up and again and we are back to square one.

Not only do all humans get along but they get along with so many other alien races having only known them for 200 years or less. I can thing of different cultures that have interacted together longer on Earth which still don't get along.'

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