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You can't leave an institution while keeping the benefits, Brexiteers tell Harry and Meghan

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Brexiteers have come out in full force over Harry and Meghan's decision to leave the Royal Family, saying that there is no way they should be able to leave the Royal Family but keep getting the benefits from it.

It comes after claims that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to keep their Royal home but step away from the parts they don't like about Royal life.

The Daily Mail were particualry quick to respond to the news, narrowly beating Piers Morgan by three seconds after the news broke, and their spokesperson told us:

"There is no similar situation in the British climate right now where people can ask to leave an institution and still try and hammer out a deal to keep all the best bits in.

Harry and Meghan are tacking the mick by asking for something like this, something that anybody else in this country wouldn't even think of demanding."

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