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August 21, 2019

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West Ham play down suggestions that London Stadium resembles the Olympic Stadium.

February 11, 2017

West Ham have denied there is any resemblance between their London Stadium and the country’s Olympic Stadium.


There had been talk that West Ham are using the Olympic Stadium as their home ground from now on and hoped people wouldn’t notice by renaming it the London Stadium.


The club categorically deny this claim pointing out that a football club taking over the Olympic Stadium would cost them a fortune and would have been a kick in the teeth for the London 2012 Olympic campaign that suggested those Olympics would leave a legacy.


A spokesperson for West Ham stated that the club were planning a move away for years and this season, everything came together.


“We’ve been working on a 55,000+ stadium for years now and we have to pay £2.5m a year for it, if we were moving into the Olympic Stadium, we would surely have to pay much more for it,” he said.


“I mean, we finished above Chelsea last season so why wouldn’t we be able to afford our own stadium, we’re showing how much more power we have over them now by unveiling our new stadium with our much higher capacity which we paid for.

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